Although the services we offer are diverse in nature, the approach taken by Ganhada will be consistent. Our thorough consultation process includes the following:

Initial Meeting

Ganhada will try to meet in person, but if the client or project is remote, we will undertake the first contact by telephone, at no cost or obligation. Based on discussions, we will determine the scope of the project and the needs of the client. This may take additional contact.

Develop Proposal

We will then prepare a detailed proposal that will outline our understanding of the project, the specific approach that we will use for the project, the results to be expected, and a description of tasks involved, including the time required for each task, the person that will be in charge, and the estimated fees and expenses.

Begin Project

Upon agreement to the terms of the proposal, the project would be carried out by the staff of Ganhada. Throughout the entire project, a schedule of contact will be maintained with the client. Progress reports will be presented to the client to ensure that the project has his/her input and concurrence.

Final Report

At the completion of the project, a comprehensive report will be presented to the client. The report will include a description of the methodology employed, details of the findings, and our recommended course of action.


Once the report has been examined by the client, we will assist in any further decisions to implement the recommendations. Ganhada will also follow up with all clients, on a regular basis, to provide additional consultation.