Allan Okabe, CAFM, ICD.D



Member of the Kitsumkalum Indian Band, Ganhada (Raven) Clan
Adopted - Ganada Clan of Gingolx, Nisga'a Lisms.


Apprenticeship - Boatbuilder / Shipwright
Certified Corporate Director, ICD.D 2009
Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) 2011

Employment / Board Positions

1993-Present Ganhada Management Group, Proprietor
2001-Present Legend Power Systems Inc., Founding Partner
2003-Present Aboriginal Capital Committee for BC, Member
2006-2010 Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, Chair
2003-2009 Aboriginal Housing Committee for BC, Member
1999-2001 Chai-Na-Ta Corporation, Director
1996-2000 C.F.N. Insurance Brokers Inc., Chair
1997-1999 Industry Training & Apprenticeship Commission, Commissioner
1996-1998 Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society, Board Member
1991-1997 Provincial Apprenticeship Board, Board Member
1990-1994 Native Economic Development Advisory Board, Board Member
1988-1992 Celtic Shipyards, General Manager
1988-1990 First Citizen's Fund , Board Member
1989-1991 Minister's Advisory Council on Aquaculture & Fisheries, Board Member
1988-1990 B.C. Ferry Corporation, Director
1976-1988 Okabe Shipyards, Owner/Manager


Shipyard Industry
1. Owned and/or operated boat building and repair companies for 17 years.
2. Sponsored 23 apprentices (20 First Nation) through their four-year Trade Accreditation Program in boatbuilding, shipwright, shipfitter, machinist, welding and procurement.
3. Complete management of shipyard operations, including Docking, Purchasing & Procurement,
Estimating & Contract Bidding, Cost Accounting, Production Scheduling, Budget Forecasting, Marketing/Sales, and Employee Relations.

1. Developed and delivered the boatbuilding/shipwright apprenticeship program for the Province of BC from 1989 - 1992.
2. Assisted the development of a First Nation sponsored trade/occupation "Building Maintenance
Worker", a hybrid, multi skilled building trade category accredited by ITAC and targeted for remote First Nation communities.

Management Services
1. INAC appointed Co Manager for the Lhtako Dene (Red Bluff) First Nation (2005-2008); Lhoosk'uz Dene (Kluskus) First Nation (2004-2007); Toosey First Nation (2007-2008); Gitxsan Child and Family Services Society (2010-2011) , Gitwangak First Nation (2011 to present) and Skin Tyee Nation (2006-10). Management and administrative responsibilities over all band programming including band support, capital and housing, post secondary education, social development, operations and maintenance and economic development and forestry. Responsibilities include financial co signing authority and maintaining current reporting status as well as delivery of clean audit.
2.INAC appointed Third Party Manager for Nee-Tahi-Buhn First Nation (2007-2010), Gitwangak First Nation (2009-2011) and Gitwangak First Nation Health (2008-Present) appointed by Health Canada. Responsibilities include sole financial authority over Federal funds and delivery of "essential services" under the agreement. Responsibility of maintaining current reporting status and delivery of clean audits.
3. Appointed or transitioned into band administrators working and reporting directly to chief and council for Lhoosk'uz Dene First Nation (2007-present), Lhtako Dene Nation (2012 to present); Gitsegukla First Nation (2012 - present).
4. Assisted with the development and/or management of Kwakiutl Economic Development, Kluane Nation Economic Development, Ahousaht Fishing Corporation, Sliammon Development Corporation, Gitxaala Economic Development Corporation, Lhoosk'uz Development Group LP and others.

Consultant Services
1. Completed a variety of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies (examples):

  • Celtic Shipyards
  • Legend Power Systems Inc.
  • Heavy construction equipment purchase for owner/operators
  • Acquisition of commercial fishing vessels and various commercial licenses.
  • Fish processing and value added plant(s)
  • Sports fishing lodges and charter operations.
  • Forestry joint-ventures on managed Crown tenures and private land; full phase logging contract companies; roadbuilding and deactivation companies; dryland sort; multi disciplined silviculture companies, etc.
2. Lease development, negotiations and renewals on designated First Nations Reserve lands
3. Ten (10) years as Aftercare Advisory Contractor for Lower Mainland and one year in the North
Coast for the Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services (Aboriginal Relations and
Reconciliation) for the First Citizen's loan program / Province of BC.
4. Prepared and presented workshops for Band Councils and Band Memberships on a variety of
topics including Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Directors, Chiefs and Councils, Media
Relations, Conflict Resolution, etc.
5. Retained as consultants (1992-1996) to:
  • Native Brotherhood of B.C.
  • Native Fishing Association

6. Lead Negotiator for Y.M.C. Management Corporation on the involvement of nineteen First Nations,
Tribal Councils and Associations and the B.C. Government on the Vancouver Island Highway Project.
7. Consultant on a joint venture to plant 300 acres of North American Ginseng on Reserve land.
8. Negotiated (on behalf of Bands) with D.F.O. for access to licenses under Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy License Reallocation Program. Successfully transferred licenses and vessels.
9. CEO contract for Sliammon Development Corporation (1998 - 2001)which included the financing and purchase of several blocks of commercial development in the townsite core of Lund, BC including the Lund hotel; general store; government liquor store; class "A" pub; 84 seat restaurant and marine fuel station. Purchased Sharps Bay fuel station and consolidated marine fuel supply for Desolation Sound. Created a joint venture and commenced redevelopment and major renovations in December, 1999 and reopened on May 20th, 2000. Resumed management role (2003-2005) as project manager and technical advisor to SDC. Negotiated construction of an 800m Seawalk project for the Corporation District of Powell River and Ministry of Transportation and Highways completed in December 2003. Negotiated a contract for Brascan Power Corporation for the Theodosia diversion project and completed in October 2003.
10. Manager for Gitxaala Economic Development department. Successfully applied to INAC, Small
Crafts Harbours and Community Futures SICEAI to cost share a new dock, a barge ramp and small craft harbour for community.
11. As co managers for Lhoosk'uz Dene First Nation, negotiated an increased harvest volume from MoFR and entered into a harvest and marketing agreement with Canadian Forest Products Ltd. which included the up front installation of a new $1 million all weather road into the Kluskus community. Community had no previous road connection, and the closest logging road was 30 km to the east (the band reserves are located 231 kilometers west of Quesnel, BC). The road was completed in September 2007 to provide year round access to the community. In progress and have completed a number of capital projects and upgrades including the band septic fields and water systems and are currently applying for new housing units and additional band infrastructure in addition to school improvements and high speed internet service.
12. As co managers for Lhtako Dene (Red Bluff) First Nation, negotiated a settlement with INAC Specific Claims Branch for several grave sites within the City of Quesnel. Band returned to self managed in 2008 and Ganhada reappointed as band administrators in 2012.
13. Skin Tyee were all brought up to date with reporting and were re4leased from intervention management within 2 year. A new forest license was negotiated from MoFR and a harvest and marketing agreement was negotiated with a local full phase logging contractor in Burns Lake. The forestry revenues were invested and band was in a strong financial position. The band engaged in negotiations with pipeline proponents in the area.
14. Toosey First Nation placed under intervention in 2007 and regained financial solvency by March 31, 2008 and transitioned back to self managed.
15. Gitwangak First Nation Health Center and Gitwangak band office were closed in through the 2008 fiscal year with essential services being delivered by Gitxsan Government Commission from Hazelton. Ganhada was apointed third party manager of the Health Center and rehired a core staff to reopen the health center in August, 2008. Ganhada personnel manage day to day operations and all financial administration.
16. Conducted an Operational and Financial feasibility analysis on fish processing and cold storage facilities nearing foreclosure on behalf of the owners and Aboriginal Business Canada, a secured creditor. The report was completed and delivered in January 2000. With an agreement from the owners to expand our terms of reference, we negotiated the purchase and sale of the processing plant assets (both companies) resulting in a return to the Shareholders of their equity and loans and repayment to ABC and all secured and unsecured creditors.
17. Completed a review, analysis and recommendations for Job Protection Commission on Point Hope Shipyard in Victoria, BC.
18. Conducting a review and analysis of the ship repair industry in BC, access to Federal Government contracts and Government facilities and infrastructure. Providing an opinion on competition within the industry in BC, on behalf of Western Economic Diversification.