Ganhada has over 45 years of experience in executing a wide variety of projects, some of which are listed below:

1. Completed a variety of business plans and feasibility studies for Small Business start- up and expansion:
• Agriculture – including on-Reserve ginseng growing joint venture
• Construction – including participation in the Vancouver Island Highway
• Oil and Gas - negotiations and development of band owned company
• Forestry – acquiring, managing tenure, harvesting and marketing
• Artists – several First Nation art galleries
• Heavy Machinery – several owner operators
• Graphic Design – various mediums
• Independent Power Producers – small hydro, biomass co-generation
• Fisheries – Tribal, Band and individual licences and vessel
• Fish Processing Plants – freezer plants, custom processors
• Salmon Farming – several First Nation agreements
• Food Service – franchises, restaurants, catering
• Tourism – hotels, sport fishing lodges
• Transportation - commercial airlines, freight services, water taxi

2. Owned and operated boat/shipbuilding and repair companies in northern B.C. and southeast Alaska for 14 years. Successfully indentured and graduated nine First Nation apprentices in technical trades. Built and rebuilt a number of commercial fishing vessels up to 80 feet in size as well as a fleet of aluminum fireboats and coast guard tenders.

3. Retained as consultants on behalf of a major proponent in the northeast oil and gas industry to assist a local First Nation in procuring/developing the necessary capacity to participate in contract opportunities in the pipeline industry.

4. Retained as consultants (1992 - 1996) for: Native Fishing Association Native Brotherhood of B.C.

5. Under contract (1995-2005) with the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation for the Lower Mainland and for one year for North Coast (Queen Charlotte Islands to Hazelton) to provide Business Advisory services as Aftercare Business Services to some 190 clients of the First Citizens Fund Loan Program. Services vary from updating business plans to restructuring financing, preparation of financial statements, lease renewals, insurance coverage, marketing assistance or planning, human resources, etc.

6. Prepared & presented Economic / Business Development workshops to a number of Bands, Band owned development corporations and Boards of Directors.

7. Prepared and presented workshops for Band Councils, Band staff and general membership on a variety of topics including Roles and Responsibilities of Elected Council, Board of Directors, election codes, staff job descriptions, policy and proceedures in the workplace, etc.

8. Developed curriculum for the Native Fishermen’s Training and Development Society in areas of Safety, Maintenance, Repairs and Financial Management. Managed the program and graduated up to 400 Aboriginal fishers, crews and spouses annually from 1991 to 1995.

9. Developed curriculum for Small Business Development for Aboriginal Women.

10. Consultant on a 3 megawatt small hydro and 10 megawatt biomass co-generation, and currently consulting to BC’s largest run-of-river hydro proponents, reviewing and advising on their First Nations IBAs. Negotiator and consultant on several First Nation IBAs involving wind power proponents in BC.

11. Lead negotiator for Y.M.C. Management Corporation on behalf of nineteen First Nations, Tribal Councils and Aboriginal Associations and the B.C. Transportation Finance Authority, on behalf of various Ministries of the Provincial Government, for the measurable involvement of Y.M.C., in the building of the Vancouver Island Highway corridor.

12. Consultant to LilWat First Nation on land opportunities from the 2010 and Sea to Sky highway project.

13. Negotiator and consultant on several First Nation mining IBAs and accommodation agreements at the exploration level as well as operations.

14. Negotiated and consulted on several partnership models between First Nation entities and major civil construction companies including Ledcor, PCL Pacific, Peter Kiewit and Sons, Tercon Constructors, etc.